Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome Vinyl Junkies!!!

Welcome to Analogs!  This is the new home for rants and raves about some of my favorite records...and yes I mean records, not cd's and not mp3s.  I don't care how this music sounds on an iPod.  I'm a true audiophile and I want to hear the music the way it was intended, not the way that iTunes has shoved it into our ears as of the past few years.  Music is meant to be touched and connected with.  There's no connection with an mp3 and really no connection to a cd once it's taken out of it's plastic case and put in the cd player.  Vinyl requires special care and has to be handled in order to get the music out of it.  There's also no better sound quality on the planet.  I'm not necessarily going to be reviewing new music but I will consistantly review good music. 

If  anyone has music suggestions, please feel free to share.  Look for reviews to start popping up here in the weeks to come. 

I am also planning on trying to provide a place for the best record and turntable care tips available.  Not all of these tips are mine because i'm not an expert so again feel free to share.  Again, welcome, let's have fun and rant about vinyl!

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