Wednesday, February 8, 2012

scrap224; Rush- HOLD YOUR FIRE

This is a journey into sound.....

The 12th studio album from Rush represents the end of an era or cycle for Geddy, Neil, & Alex. By that I mean the heavy synthesizer work by the band.
This album is the culmination of a hand full of albums by Rush in the 80's that saw the band evolve into an electronic group rather than the traditional power trio that they began their carrier as.
Many 'fans' of Rush cite this period in their album catalog as the low point. The hardcore Rush fan likes it all, but agrees that their heavily electronic albums are not for everyone. In my opinion HOLD YOUR FIRE is the best of this era. It's concise, experimental, and progressive. Listening to the album about 47 times that I probably have over the years it is clear to me that their album after HOLD YOUR FIRE would be different.
Nevertheless, this review is about Rush's HOLD YOUR FIRE. Even the title of the album suggests an event of sorts. I used to think the title meant 'caution' or 'danger approaching'. This however is not the case. As drummer/lyricist Neil Peart has stated the term Hold Your Fire in this case means the fire or spirit within ones self. To keep the 'flame' of what ever it is that is burning inside each one of us alive. Thus the songs on the album primarily reflect this message. The track listing for HOLD YOUR FIRE is; 1. Force Ten. 2. Time Stand Still (a change for Rush due to the addition of Aimee Mann on backing & choral vocals). 3. Open Secrets. 4. Second Nature. 5. Prime Mover. 6. Lock & Key. 7. Mission. 8. Turn The Page. 9. Tai Shan. 10. High Water.
My top three tracks from this album are; Lock & Key, High Water, & Mission. I love Lock & Key's message and the overall drive of it. High Water for Peart's percussion. And Mission for its overall design.
My vinyl LP of HOLD YOUR FIRE is excellent. It's interesting to listen to how 'busy' an album like this can sound through an analog system. The album is electronic but to hear it on vinyl makes HOLD YOUR FIRE an entirely different album in my opinion. to listen to. There is no harsh tones to negotiate. It's soft. Warm. Even but not even as in flat. Even as in a mutual exchange of bass, drums, guitar & keyboards. It's all there in one neat bright red package. If your in the mood for an entertaining and enlightening listening experience for about 50 minutes then this is an album for you. Hold the calls, HOLD YOUR FIRE instead. It's worth it.

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