Wednesday, February 15, 2012

scrap224; Van Halen 5150

This is a journey into sound.....

"HELLOOOO BAAAABY!". The beginning of an era (of sorts). After 6 monster albums the 6th of course being perhaps their best 1984, Van Halen & frontman David Lee Roth parted ways.
Enter Sammy Hagar. Hagar already popular from his early days with Montrose & a great solo career that gave us such hits as "I can't drive 55 & Heavy Metal" gave that up to be Van Halen's new singer from 1985-1996 & 2003-2005 for a total of 14 years. So in 1986 this 'new' Van Hagar version of the band released their first album together, 5150. It was named after Eddie Van Halen's home studio, 5150, which is a California police term for a mentally disturbed person (a reference to Section 5150 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code).
There are some similarities between the previous 1984, & 5150 in particular the use of the keyboards in some of the tracks & the fact that the drummer Alex Van Halen never met a cymbal (especially a high-hat) that he didn't like.
Anyway to the album itself. Personnel; Eddie Van Halen, Guitars & Keyboards. Alex Van Halen, Drums & Percussion. Michael Anthony, Bass. Sammy Hagar, Vocals & Guitar.
Track Listing; 1. Good Enough. Why Cant This Be Love. 3. Get Up. 4. Dreams. 5. Summer Nights. 6. Best Of Both Worlds. 7. Love Walks In. 8. 5150. 9. Inside.
At this point I guess I should admit I really like this album. My favorites are Best of Both Worlds, Get Up & Dreams. I started listening to Van Halen around & with 1984 but was mainly fed on a steady diet of this version, the 'Van Hagar' version of Van Halen. For better or worse this was Van Halen for me growing up in the 80's. My vinyl version is basic. The strongman holding up a cracking polished metal sphere with the new VH logo encircling it. Paper sleeve with logo on front & lyrics on the back. No picture disc here. The sound is quite good with only a bit of pop & crackle on either side(due to it being of the used variety) of the LP. Sound is excellent.
The Sammy Hagar version of Van Halen has had & will always have its fans & detractors. Personally I like all the various incarnations of the band. This being Sammy's first outing with the band is a great start. This is an album worth getting in the vinyl format. 'Good Enough'.

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