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scrap224; Anthrax SOUND OF WHITE NOISE

This IS that journey into sound....

Anthrax has had a colorful history. Multiple singers & guitar players, T.V. apperances, changing of record labels, cross-over hits, and working with other groups outside themselves. As a member of the 'Big 4' (Metallica, Slayer & Megadeth being the other 3), they have been cranking out the metal for about 30 years now and if their recent endevour WORSHIP MUSIC is any indication of things to come, then they aren't planning on slowing down anytime soon. Back in 1981, via New York City, Anthrax came into existance. Anthrax was formed in mid-1981 by guitarists Scott Ian and Danny Lilker. The band was named after the disease the two saw listed in a biology textbook, using it because it sounded "sufficiently evil." From 1984-1992 Joey Belladonna was the frontman. Then he got himself fired.
Enter the John Bush era 1992-2005, 2009-2010. (my personal favorite). Shortly after Belladonna was fired, he was replaced by John Bush, formerly of Armored Saint who had recently disbanded. Ten years earlier, Bush had been approached by Metallica to sing for them. The band also left Island Records and signed with Elektra Records to release Sound of White Noise on May 25, 1993. Anthrax immediately sounded different. A bit more mainstream yes, but with a clarity and direction they were missing before with Belladonna.
The album, produced by the band and Dave Jerden, includes the singles "Only", "Black Lodge", "Room for One More" and "Hy Pro Glo". This album marked a revision in the sound of the band, with the departure of lead vocalist Joey Belladonna and the introduction of grunge influences (Dave Jerden was the producer of Alice in Chains). The album debuted at #7 on the Billboard 200 charts, Anthrax's highest ever chart position. Sound of White Noise was certified gold by the RIAA. The song Black Lodge is based on a fictional location in the popular early 1990s television series Twin Peaks. Anthrax was able to persuade Twin Peaks' score conductor Angelo Badalamenti to help compose the song.
The track listing for SOUND OF WHITER NOISE is; 1. Potter's Field. 2. Only. 3. Room For One More. 4. Packaged Rebellion. 5. Hy Pro Glo. 6. Invisible. 7. 1000 Points of Hate. 8. C11H17N2O2S Na. 9. Burst. 10. This Is Not An Exit. Each of the 10 songs is fuled with Bush's lyrical & story telling bravado. The album does have a different sound per se than that of some of the previous Anthrax albums. The album is deffinately more melodic and thought provoking. Personally, the first three songs on the album is woth the price of the album for me alone. I loved this album the first time I heard it my Junior year of high school via my good friend Doug Tjarks.
As for my vinyl copy. I have the dual disc-180g version. Love it. It sounds like God intended it to sound, loud, clean, clear, and full of life. The vinyl version of SOUND OF WHITE NOISE sounds and feels more alive to me rather than its CD or cassette tape counterparts (of which I also own). Not to high, nor to low, yes Goldie Locks, this porrage is just right.
Do your metal-self a big favor, get the NOISE going and spin the SOUND OF WHITE NOISE.

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