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scrap224; Rush- PERMANENT WAVES

This is a journey into sound.....

Making modern music can be a question of sheer will. With Rush, it's just that. Their 7th studio album, (released on January 1, 1980) PERMANENT WAVES is extremely important to Rush's history. It represents a pivot point, a fundamental change in how they approached writing. Gone were the 'epic' songs of 9-10 minutes in length. Their songs became more radio friendly and consequently, a significant expansion in the band's sales with hits such as "The Spirit of Radio" and "Freewill" seeing considerable radio airplay.
PERMANENT WAVES became Rush's first US Top 5 album hitting #4 and was the band's fifth Gold (eventually Platinum) selling album. The album also marks a distinct transition from hard rock and progressive rock into a more accessible to the masses streamlined version of themselves.
The lead in track; The Spirit of Radio demonstrates the bands ever changing & evolving music tastes & continued experimentation with a reggae style rhythm incorporated into the song.
The closing track entitled Natural Science does clock in at a hefty 9:17 & does contain 3 distinct movements.
The album contains 6 songs; 1. The Spirit of Radio. 2. Freewill. 3. Jacob's Ladder. 4. Entre Nous (French = Between Us). 5. Different Strings. 6. Natural Science, (l. Tide Pools. ll. Hyperspace. lll. Permanent Waves.)
The title/concept for the album as told by Geddy Lee told Rolling Stone Magazine that the album's title referred to "a theory that was going [within the band] about, like, culture waves; and there was a night when Neil (Peart) said that a big album was like a permanent wave and I told him, 'that's our title'.
PERMANENT WAVES released 3 singles; The Spirit of Music, Entre Nous & Freewill.
The band some help with the recording of the album; Geddy Lee - bass guitars, Oberheim 8 Voice Synthesizer; OB-1; Minimoog; and Taurus pedal synthesizers, vocals
Alex Lifeson - six and twelve string electric and acoustic guitars, Taurus pedals
Neil Peart - drums, timpani, timbales, orchestra bells, tubular bells, wind chimes, bell tree, triangle, crotales, cover concept
Erwig Chuapchuaduah - steel drums
Hugh Syme - piano on "Different Strings", art direction, design, cover concept artwork.
Now then my vinyl is a 120 gram that is in mint condition. It has the original album sleeve complete with song lyrics & band photo. It is a first edition pressing. It is 110% wonderful to listen to. This album is art on many levels.
Just between us, help make some waves with Rush's PERMANENT WAVES. Spin this album.

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