Sunday, March 25, 2012

scrap224; Aerosmith PUMP

This is a journey into sound.....

When drug addiction & child abuse met gasoline. First of all I must state upfront that I'm am not now nor have I ever been a big Aerosmith fan. I am not a Steven Tyler fan. For me they have always been all over the map musically & lyrically. They do have a wonderful collection of greatest hits but never a complete over-all great album. In 1989 Aerosmith released their 10th studio album; PUMP. for my money & Aerosmith tastes, this is as close to a complete great album as they have ever gotten since TOYS IN THE ATTIC.
PUMP consists of 10 solid tunes & a fair share of monster hits. PUMP had 6 of its 10 songs released as singles & is currently certified 7X Platinum. The track listing is; 1. Young Lust. 2. F.I.N.E. 3. Going Down/Love in an Elevator. 4. Monkey On My Back. 5. Water Song/Janie's Got a Gun. 6. Dulcimer Stomp/The Other Side. 7. My Girl. 8. Don't Get Mad, Get Even. 9. Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man. 10. What It Takes.
This is a very good to great album. I can & listened to it many, many times in its entirety with no complaints. For me, this IS Aerosmith. Personally I really dig Monkey On My Back as my favorite track.
The band at this time consisted of Steven Tyler, lead lips, harmonica, & keyboards. Joe Perry, lead guitar. Brad Whitford, rhythm guitar. Tom Hamilton, bass. Joey Kramer, drums & percussion.
I feel like Aerosmith sounds best in the vinyl format. There is something about their rocking eclectic sound of the standard rock band instruments with the additions of a harmonica, piano, & the occasional horn section that melds well in the comfortable audio climate an LP records provides. My copy is on 180g vinyl & sounds superb.
This album does have additional treat. I love the cover art. The 2 nearly identical black flat bed trucks except in size. The little one (says PUMP on the door) is piggy-backed on the bigger one. It's fun & extremely iconic. Then the standard Aerosmith logo stamped on the black & white photo in violet. Good stuff all around. Although its now nearly a quarter of a century old (23) PUMP deserves a new listen. Get pumped, & go spin it. It is time well spent.

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