Thursday, March 1, 2012

scrap224; Huey Lewis & the News SPORTS

This is a journey into sound.....

As diverse a decade as the 1980's were, there are some bands better remembered than others. Some were of the one hit wonder variety while others were able to establish themselves as a premier act. From the bars of San Francisco California I give you Huey Lewis & the News. Already an established act in their area & some radio play nationally via their first two albums; Huey Lewis & the News & Picture This, the band was hoping to make it big with their next album and they did just that. Their third album made Huey Lewis a household name. The album in question was SPORTS. This album is very important to me personally because in 1983 when it was released I was a mere 8 years old. For my birthday I received my very first music from my parents. It was Huey Lewis & the News SPORTS, on cassette. So obvisiouly this album has a special place in my heart. To me Huey Lewis & the News is a 'band' in the truest sense. Guitars, an harmonica, horns, & keyboards give them & this album a tremendously full and unique sound & one of reasons I have always enjoyed listening to it.
SPORTS was a nearly immediate hit. It has been certified 7x Platinum. It had five of its nine tracks as singles. And by the end of 1984 SPORTS ranked second on Billboards top 200. Second only to Michael Jackson's THRILLER not bad company back then. More good fortune was to come the bands way when they contributed two songs for a movie called Back to the Future.
The track listing; 1. The Heart of Rock & Roll. 2. Heart & Soul. 3. Bad Is Bad. 4. I Want A New Drug. 5. Walking On A Thin Line. 6. Finally Found A Home. 7. If This Is It. 8. You Crack Me Up. 9. Honky Tonk Blues. And it all clocks in at a brisk 37:46. The band personnel at the time was; Huey Lewis- lead vocals & harmonica. Mario CIpollina- Bass. Johnny Colla- Guitar & Saxophone. Chris Hayes- Guitars. Bill Gibson- Drums & Percussion. Sean Hopper- Keyboards.
My personal favorites are basically a coin flip for me. Once you are able to memorize every note & lyric of every song on an album a favorite song becomes a moot point.
My vinyl is not an original unfortunately. It is a brand new reprint. The sound is amazing. It's clean. It's clear. It's alive. If you are indeed in need of a new drug then finally give this album a home, your home. Spin it.

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