Wednesday, January 9, 2013

scrap224; Testament- DARK ROOTS of EARTH Peer Review

This is a Journey into Sound.....
(2012 top 5 peer review)

Ah Testament. This is one band that has been around awhile. I can honestly say that I have never been a huge fan of them. I like some metal. Not a big fat of speed metal but some of the slower stuff is just fine with me.
DARK ROOTS OF EARTH is Testaments 10th studio album.
This album is a good Testament album. Fast. Heavy. Melodic. It plays well. It starts off heavy, takes its listeners on a poignant journey of sound & sight. A thinking mans metal album?? A journey into war, politics & American life.
DARK ROOTS OF EARTH can occupy ones mind & time on different levels, all of which appear to appeal to a persons inner sense of social activism
The track listing for this album are;
1. ‘Rise Up’
2. ‘Native Blood’
3. ‘Dark Roots of Earth’
4. ‘True American Hate’
5. ‘A Day in the Death’
6. ‘Cold Embrace’
7. ‘Man Kills Mankind’
8. ‘Throne of Thorns’
9. ‘Last Stand for Independence’
10. ‘Dragon Attack’ (Queen cover)
11. ‘Animal Magnetism’ (Scorpions cover)
12. ‘Powerslave’ (Iron Maiden cover)
13. ‘Throne of Thornes’ (extended version)
14. 'A Day in the Death)
It's all hardcore & it's all good. A great choice to listen to if the mood hits you right. This is a worthy album of anyone's Top 10 list from 2012.

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